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​LIVE MUSIC: Weddings, corporate events. private parties.

The Burning Aces are a professional function band with a wide ranging repertoire and a  line up of experienced professional musicians. The band provide high energy performances mixed with great music of different decades to create a classy party atmoshpere with a vibrant and happy dance floor.

DANCEFLOOR: Rock'n'roll, ska, soul, indie, classics, swing, jazz.

The band's speciality is developing a vibrant and happy dancefloor whilst moving through the eras of music ranging from the 1950s to present day. Mitch, the frontman, with the help of a quality set list played by experienced musicians, creates an inviting and fun-filled space in which your guests may enjoy a good old fashioned boogie on the dancefloor. The band are happy to sway the set list more towards 50s & 60s or ska, or indie or disco and soul if your guests are more inclined one way or the other.

EXTRA SERVICES: Afternoon jazz, horn section, iPod DJ





The band are able to perform one or two jazz sets as an afternoon or early evening semi-accoustic performance. These sets utilize the classy sound and spontaneous spirit of jazz and swing from 1930s to 1960s. Vocals, solos, brass, clarinet, the swagger of speakeasy clubs, the stride of Harlem and strut of New Orleans are all rolled together into jazz swing sets which are ideal for a champaigne reception, a meal or an outdoor buffet.




The band play as a 5 -piece as standard but can increase the line-up on request. An extra saxophone increases both the energy and the tembre and a trumpet completes the horn section and brings the band to a 7-piece as well as providing dynamic solos and glorious harmonised melodies.




The band are happy to provide an iPod play list to play before, in-between and after the band or clients may wish to provide their own playlist which can be put through the band's PA.




The band are happy to learn a first dance of the client's choice to play live.


Extra jazz set:
Horn section, 5, 6 or 7-piece band:
iPod playlist in-between sets:
First dance played live:

Please click below to contact the band and make an enquiry. Having a date and location are useful points to help us reply with an accurate quote but if you're not sure then please enquire anyway and we'll do our best to provide options and prices.

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